#BMovieManiacs Event: The Deadly Bees (1966)


Bees are great.  They pollinate plants and make honey.  They also inspired a whole genre of horror films and my daughter’s first Halloween costume.

Not a killer bee…yet.

Back to the subject, Kerry.  Right.  In THE DEADLY BEES, Suzanna Leigh’s British pop star needs a break after her grueling ‘making-sure-all-the-McVitie’s Digestives-are-facing-the-same-direction-in-the-green-room’ gig.  Her doctor advises her to head to placid Seagull Island and wear a hat.  Seagulls, you know.  Anyway, things couldn’t be better except for the pesky killer bees soaring overhead all the damn time.  Killer bees do as killer bees will and…well, they kill and junk.  It’s a load of laughs.

“I said laughs!”

Amicus, the bastard brother of Hammer, produced this film and a gaggle of cool portmanteau films in the 60s and 70s.  The two production houses share a lot of the same actors and directors and both studios made some awesome horror and thriller movies during this era.  Freddie Francis directed the Robert Bloch-penned screenplay and it’s genuinely mysterious and scary. Also, bees!!!

If you’d like to join our little band of ruffians to watch and opine on all things apian, please hit play at 11pm edt Friday, April 29, jump on Twitter, and tweet using the #BMovieManiacs

Don’t worry.  We won’t sting.

I wrote a more complete review for my blog too if you’re a bee fan (and who isn’t?).  THE DEADLY BEES

Here’s the link to the film.  BZZZZ

Sorry, wrong film.

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