#BMovieManiacs Event: Evil Brain From Outer Space

Greetings, Earthlings!

The Supreme Council has unconvened, or however you Earthlings say that. We also finished all the spinach dip. We decided to employ one of your Earth tactics. One you call a “Scapegoat” in the event anyone complains about tonight’s feature presentation, you can blame Queen of Noir. We don’t have any noir on our planet. I hope it’s as tasty as your spinach dip.

Evil Brain from Outer Space still
The King of the Supreme Council himself approves this film. Mainly because he’s in it.

Our story involves the greatest brain in the universe, who manages to let himself be killed, a guy in tights, a cat-creature-thing who needs a manicure, and oh boy, so much more.

Evil Brain from Outer Space stil

See you tonight at 8 Pacific, 11 Eastern at hashtag #BMovieManiacs


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