#BMovieManiacs Event: Earth vs the Spider (1958)


Remember that time when Dad got eaten by a spider and the sheriff sprayed malathion on everything that moved and we moved the huge, dead, insecticide-covered arachnid to the high school gym for safe-keeping and those damn kids () played that long-haired rock and roll music and woke the bastard up?  Remember that?  Bert I. Gordon filmed the whole debacle so we’d never forget.  EARTH VS THE SPIDER stars Ed Kemmer and June Kenney, so you know it’s good.  June Kenney is known for this film and BLOODLUST! (1961) which features a pre-Brady Robert Reed as a guy who travels to the wrong island and gets hunted for sport.

“This obstacle course is hard.”
“You shouldn’t have worn that stupid dress.”
“Shut up.”

I digress.  We here at B Movie Maniacs dedicate our lives to expose you to the best, weirdest, and most insectiest films we can find so here goes.  Please join us and our equally warped pals for a live tweet-along of this spiderlicious treat!  Just hit the link at exactly 11pm edt and head to Twitter to watch and comment on this fun film!  The hashtag is #BMovieManiacs.  Here’s the link.  SPIDERTIME!!!!!

“Spiders aren’t insects.  Hey is that Ralph?”
“Shut up.”



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