#BMovieManiacs New Year’s Eve Event: The Poseidon Adventure (1972)


Every New Year’s Eve, we at #BMovieManiacs celebrate the old fashioned way. We brave the blistering weather and drive downtown, fight for a parking spot, muscle through the crowds to get a $20 highball, and try to keep the drunks off our dates. Just kidding. We ring in the new year by watching The Poseidon Adventure¬†on the sofa in our jammies. Huzzah!

Traditionally, we live-tweet The Poseidon Adventure every year at 11pm eastern. This year, Turner Classic Movies is showing everyone’s favorite upside-down boat movie at 5:45pm eastern. This presented us with a quandary. Should we watch with the #TCMParty folks at 5:45pm or wait and watch at 11pm?

Here’s our solution.

Some folks will choose to watch at 5:45pm on TCM using the #TCMParty hashtag. Some will watch at the usual 11pm time using the #Poseidon72 hashtag. Some masochists may do both. It’s cool with us either way.

Unfortunately, the film is not on YouTube or Netflix, but it is streaming on Amazon for $3.99. That means you’ll have to watch using your own DVD/blu-rays or on TCM. You might consider DVRing the TCM airing to watch later if you want to want both.

Anyway, we delivered the Borgnine.

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