#BMovieManiacs Event: Teenage Zombies

Greetings, Maniacs!

Halloween is over (sadly) but we continue in our great tradition of bringing you the very best entertainment from the golden age of horror/sci-fi. I am, of course, lying. What we really have is another candidate for the WORST film of all time. Teenage Zombies. And it is this humble host’s belief that the director of this disasterpiece could very well be the worst director of all time. Jerry Warren. Maybe if Vic Savage had directed more than one movie, he could have given Jerry a run for his money. Which is an unusual phrase to use in this case, because I’m guessing this thing’s budget must have been in excess of twelve dollars. That’s 1959 dollars, mind you. But still…

“What’s on the telly?” “I think it’s a gorilla”

Please join us this Friday, November 6th at 8 Pacific, 11 Eastern for the mental enema that is… Teenage Zombies! And let us know where you think this rates among the all-time greats. Goodbye for now, friends. #BMovieManiacs


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