#BMovieManiacs Event!!! I Married a Monster From Outer Space (1958)




Have you ever gotten married and felt, after a few days, that you’d married an alien?  Yup.  We’ve all been there.  Anyway, Gloria Talbott marries Tom Tryon and before you can say, “Niles, where is the baby?” he’s made an intergalactic switch and Gloria is confused.  Raise your hand if you can think of a film in which Gloria Talbott is NOT confused.  EHH!  Too late.  Anyway, imagine the hijinks when Gloria and Tom try to entertain.  She puts out dip and he puts his toes in it.  Ahhh aliens.


He looks disenchanted.

Can Gloria alert the military in time?  Will anyone believe her?  Will she be able to return all those wedding gifts cousin Edna bought her from the salvage yard?  JUST STICK WITH THE REGISTRY, PEOPLE! Watch with us tonight and see.  *manaical laugh*


“The therapist says I’m too giving.”

Join us on Twitter tonight at 11pm edt and use the hashtag #BMovieManiacs to tweet along with our merry band of social misfits.  You won’t be sorry.  OK, I can’t really say that.  You might be extremely sorry and need counseling, whiskey, and cake.


Maybe Gloria needs their counselor.

Here’s the link to tonight’s feature presentation.  That almost sounded respectable, didn’t it?  I didn’t think so.



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