#BMovieManiacs Event: Super Monster

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, everyone! And for those of you outside the States… Happy weekend, everyone!! The leftover turkey may all be gone, but there’s plenty of cinematic turkey to munch on, as long as we have any say in it. This week’s movie selection was a no-brainer. (In more ways than one) for today is Gamera’s 50th anniversary!! On this day in 1965, Daikaiju Gamera, aka Gamera, aka Brian Donlevy’s Folly, and a bunch of other names, was released in Japan. And as we showed the first film in the series a few months ago, we have picked a different film for tonight’s anniversary party: Super Monster, aka Gamera Super Monster. It has it all: A precocious kid (of course) tantalizing space women who dress like Wonder Woman, and don’t resemble Japanese women in the least… and a whole host of Gamera’s foes, past and present. Including an octopus. I think.

“I am the friend of all children, and I HATE traffic accidents!”

So please join us tonight for our Gamera 50th Anniversary o-rama! It all begins at 11 Eastern, 8 Pacific TONIGHT! Hashtag #BMovieManiacs


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