#BMovieManiacs Event: Spaceflight IC-1

Greetings, Maniacs!

This week, we bring you another installment of “Is this the worst movie we’ve ever shown?” Could it be worse than the Creeping Carpet? More mind-numbing than Monster A Go Go? YOU be the judge! If you can still reason after tomorrow night. And don’t miss your first glimpse of The Closed Cycle Man. He may well be the model for the spaceman of the future. For reals. Ummm…


You just have to keep telling yourself: “This is NOT an acid flashback”


Hope to see YOU tomorrow night! Friday, November 4th at 8 Pacific, 11 Eastern. And 10 Central, even.

Keep watching the skies! But mostly, watch hashtag #BMovieManiacs

Until tomorrow, aloha, friends!

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