#BMovieManiacs Event: Leonard Nimoy Tribute


Tribute To Leonard Nimoy

Please join us tonight as we pay tribute to someone who’s meant so much to many of us over the years. His contribution to science fiction and pop culture is immeasurable. We stray from our normal format tonight to do so, as availability dictates. We start off with a fun made-for-tv heist movie from 1973 with a star-studded cast: The Alpha Caper


Then we follow that up with an episode of Star Trek featuring an evil Spock with a goatee: Mirror, Mirror. This is unfortunately NOT available on YouTube, and we apologize to any BManiacs who don’t have access to this show through Netflix or other means. In any event, I think you will enjoy Alpha Caper. We will return to our standard format next week. Thanks so much to all the BMovieManiacs who have made Friday nights so much damned fun! Live long and prosper to you all!

Alpha Caper begins at 8 Pacific 11 eastern. Hashtag #BMovieManiacs


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