#BMovieManiacs Event: Hand of Death/Brain From Planet Arous

Happy Friday all you b Maniacs out there! Last week we brought you a Roger Corman double feature. We all had lots of fun watching with Jinx. Although he’s a popcorn hog! At any rate, we return this week with another double feature, from one of our favoritest actors here at b movie land: John Agar! We start with a new one for us: Hand of Death. Which could also be called Gas of Death, or Gas of Death (Which Causes Hands of Death) I think I just spent more time thinking about it than the writers did. Anyhoo… we follow that up with a tried and true b-movie drive-in sci-fi classic: The Brain From Planet Arous.

So please join us starting at 8 Pacific 11 Eastern TONIGHT! Goodbye for now, friends!



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