#BMovieManiacs Event: Attack of the Eye Creatures (1965)


Do you ever get those tendrils that cascade out of the corners of your eyes?  Yes?  Well this movie is for you.  Anyway, a flying saucer lands somewhere.  Since it’s a Larry Buchanan film the somewhere is probably Texas.  Alien guys with some sort of ocular issue scare all the people under 20, but no one believes them because, you guessed it, they’re stupid.  That’s what you were going to say, right?  As they say in show biz, hijinks ensue.  The film stars John Ashley, Cynthia Hull, and Warren Hammack so you know it’s good.  Oh and The Eye Creatures or Attack of the Eye Creatures or Weekend at Bernie’s is in no way a complete rip-off of the 1957 film Invasion of the Saucermen or anything.  Also there’s a mistake in the credits because…craftsmanship.

roy batty
This guy’s batty.

Watch tonight and tweet along with us!  11pm eastern! Use #BMovieManiacs  It’s fun and watching is a lot less likely to land you in court for stealing someone’s…um art.  Here’s the link to tonight’s masterpiece.  https://youtu.be/j3SnH_lwP5E 

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